Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant 3.5 brings many major improvements, and continues the legacy of being the best Calendar and Task Manager available for iOS.

Fast, friendly and reliable!  Your all-in-one solution to organize your day! 

Try for Free! Quick Start Guide and Manual Common Feature Video Tutorial

Type or speak naturally to create new events or tasks. Simply enter phrases such as "Lunch with Joe on Monday at 12pm" and Pocket Informant will create accordingly.

ETA feature allows you to make every moment count by showing how far you are from your next scheduled event. Tap on the distance information, and bring up navigation guidance.

Checklists allow you to create lists of multiple items when needed. Shopping, packing, school assignments - the possibilities are endless!

Use filters within Pocket Informant to focus on the specific calendars or tags that you want to see. Save common sets of filters and switch between them with just a couple of taps!

Sync your notes with Evernote, and put your notes on your calendar! Take full advantage of Evernote capabilities, directly from within Pocket Informant Pro!

Rich Text formatting allows you to use different fonts and colors, plus more, to make your notes more detailed.

Share individual events & tasks with others around you, or Airdrop an entire calendar of events to another device

Swipe a Contact to quickly create a task or event with contact information attached, or choose to share the contact information via email. 

Printouts include your event & task list for a custom date range.  These printouts respect your task mode settings & active calendar filter, so if you only want to print a single calendar, just filter that one calendar and print!


Pocket Informant is now FREE to download and try out. Once you realize how powerful this app is and decide you want to unlock its full potential, you can upgrade to Premium with a single in-app purchase. Upgrading to Premium removes the few limitations that are in place on the free download and it also unlocks several exciting features exclusive to Pocket Informant Premium (such as Printing, Airdrop, and Rich Text Notes). 

If you already purchased Pocket Informant Pro (or the Pro upgrade in Go!) 3.31 or earlier: in most cases this will be detected and you will be automatically upgraded out of the “free” Pocket Informant experience and into the Premium level. If you experience any issues with Pocket Informant detecting your purchase please check this article first.

Premium is a one-time purchase.


Pocket Informant Pro is a powerful task management tool, with many options available to fit the needs of every person. Tasks are completely viewable and editable in the Calendar views. Comprehensive collection of pre-made Task Groups, as well as the ability to create your own Smart Filters.

  • Choose from three different modes of task management to find the one that best suits you - Franklin Covey, Standard or Simple Tasks
  • Use Apple Reminders and/or Pocket Informant tasks (which have a richer feature set with more classification options)
  • Checklists: create a checklist of items to attach to a task (such as a grocery or packing list)
  • Location-based alerts for tasks will send an audible alert when in the vicinity of your scheduled task. Supports multiple location alerts
  • Airdrop, email or message your tasks

See more task features

      • 3 different task modes to match your style: Simple, GTD or Franklin Covey
        • GTD Mode supports multiple project types (sequential, parallel and one-off)
        • GTD Mode allows you to create contexts where tasks are performed. Locations can be set on contexts and PI can automatically alert you if you have tasks in that context and are near that location
      • Quick Entry: Pull down with two fingers to reveal a quick entry field that allows you to make a new task using natural language
      • Subtasks
      • Create custom tags that can be applied to events, tasks or notes
      • Set icons on a single task and/or tag. The cumulative set of all applicable icons will be shown on each task
      • Attach pictures or contacts on your tasks
      • Show tasks by their tag colors on the text or the background
      • Set location alarms on single tasks
      • Star tasks
      • Multi-select several tasks of once to make batch changes across the entire selection
      • Live location search (with automatic suggestions) as you enter the location of your event or task
      • Several pre-built filters including: In Progress, Overdue, Due Today/Tomorrow, Completed Today, etc.
      • Create custom Smart Filters for tasks (for instance, you could create a filter that automatically finds all high priority tasks due within the next week)
      • Saved tag filters - create multiple filters based on tags and quickly switch between those saved filters.
      • Multiple ways to group your lists of tasks (due date, priority, progress, project, context, sync service, etc)
      • Drag and drop tasks between their groups
      • Send emails to PI Online to automatically convert your emails to tasks that sync down to Pocket Informant (requires PIO subscription)
      • Swipe tasks to make quick changes without having to go into the full editor (such as starring a task, changing the start/due time, adding notes, deleting, etc)


Pocket Informant's calendar has been designed for mobile use through 14 years of mobile experience. We have used that experience to give you the best looking and most professional calendar for mobile devices.

  • See your schedule at a glance in five different calendar views: Today, List (Agenda), Daily, Weekly, Monthly,
  • Tasks and Notes together with Calendar Events
  • Quick Entry: Pull down with two fingers to reveal a quick entry field that allows you to make a new event or task using natural language
  • ETA allows you to see how far you are from next scheduled event
  • Planning a day out on the beach? Check the forecast on your calendar! Requires in-app purchase. Free trial included.
  • Show event conflicts when creating/editing new events
  • Print your calendar (list format)

See more calendar features

General Functionality

  • Airdrop, Email or Message your events, tasks & notes
  • Swipe-to-Action allows you to swipe any event and choose to email, change the start/end date, add a comment or delete
  • Intelligent Location Autocomplete: As you type in the location of a task or event, PI now offers suggestions based on map searches, addresses in your contacts and locations you've bookmarked in PI.
  • Supports simple (every day/week/month/year) or complex (e.g. 4th Friday of every other month)
  • Attach photos or contacts to Events and Tasks (does not apply to events/tasks from iOS)
  • Saved Filters: If you frequently toggle between different "sets" of calendars (like a work set and a personal set), then this is for you. You can now save different calendar filters, then simply tap-and-hold the "hamburger button" to quickly switch between your saved filters
  • Color a day
  • Show ISO Week numbers
  • Lock calendars to a specific time zone so that all new events are entered in that time zone and events will always display in that time zone regardless of where you are
  • Set a custom first day of week
  • Settings to automatically dim past events
  • Tap on calendar tab to go to today (or slide over a scrolling list of months if you are already on Today)
  • Navigate between years/months by pressing the Navigation button
  • Filter events and tasks by calendar or tag
  • Save common filters and easily switch between different sets of filters
  • Show events by their calendar colors, tags colors on the text or the background
  • Show tasks on their due/start date or show them in-progress across the start/due date range
  • Show notes on their pin date
  • We recognize phone number and URLs in the title to make them clickable
  • Recurring events with custom recurrences
  • Set icons on a single event, an entire calendar and/or tag. The cumulative set of all applicable icons will be shown on each event in the calendar views
  • Quickly clone existing events
  • Convert an event into a task
  • Create templates for commonly scheduled events. When creating a new event, simply select a template to pre-populate all your fields
  • Create custom tags that can be applied to events, tasks or notes
  • Live location search (with automatic suggestions) as you enter the location of your event or task

View Specific



  • Drag and drop events
  • Double tap (or tap-and-hold) a time slot to create an event on that time slot
  • Use two fingers to pinch in/out vertically to make it show more time or less
  • Use two fingers to pinch in/out horizontally to show more or fewer days
  • Set custom work hours (for each day) to shade in your work hours on day view


  • Show in Column View or a customized grid (including a setting to show grid in portrait and column view in landscape)
  • Show Weather for 10 days (requires single in-app weather purchase)
  • Tap/hold on a day to create a new event/task/note on that day
  • Optional time bar for each day to graphically see the hours you have something scheduled
  • Column week view has a weekday-only option


  • Show Weather for 10 days (requires single in-app weather purchase)
  • Swipe left/right to move between months
  • Tap on a day to bring up a detailed list of events/tasks for that day
  • In the Detail View, swipe on the calendar "week row" to move between weeks
  • In the Detail View, swipe events / tasks to make quick changes without having to go into the full editor (such as starring a task, changing the start/due time, adding notes, deleting, etc)
  • Tap/hold on a day to create a new event/task/note on that day
  • Show events in mini-text mode, or using time bars, or icons


With the Notes feature in Pocket Informant Pro, not only can you record and store your voice and text notes, but you can sort and filter them as well, to keep you organized!

  • Record Voice Notes for hands-free access
  • Text notes with un-limited character capabilities
  • Sync with Evernote
  • Rich text format for broader note function

See more notes features

  • Share your notes via email and sync
  • Pre-made Notes filters for easy search-ability
  • Multiple ways to group your lists of notes (last modified, notebook, sync service, etc)
  • Drag and drop notes between their groups
  • Swipe to Action allows you to swipe a Note and choose to star, share via email, or delete
  • Pin your notes to a calendar date for a complete integration with your calendar!
  • Airdrop, email or message your notes
  • Apply custom tags to notes
  • Filter notes by tag
  • Create saved filters based on tag and quickly switch between different saved filters
  • Notes recognize URLs, phone numbers and make them into links
  • Support viewing attachments like PDFs, images, and web links right within PI
  • Create custom tags that can be applied to events, tasks or notes

Add Full Rich Text editing

  • Lists
  • Styles
  • Fonts
  • Tables
  • Evernote todos
  • Colors
  • Paragraph styles


Pocket Informant Pro includes a complete Contacts Manager that fully accesses the Contacts database on your iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch

  • Fully access device contacts directly from Pocket Informant
  • Swipe a contact and create a task or event with attached contact info

See more contacts features

  • Assign a contact to a group for compatible sources (such as iCloud)
  • Make phone calls directly to your chosen Contact without ever leaving the app!
  • Turn your iPhone in landscape mode, and you now have a visually stunning display of all your Contacts with photos! This is available on the iPad by choosing the grouping option "pictures"


"This is by far the best mobile organizer available. I use it every day for managing my golf course. Brilliant!" 


"It has all of the features I want, including the hard to find "schedule a task from the date/time of last completion." 

Anne R.H.

"Have had this app for a while and liked it but I didn't really feel I was getting the most out of it. After the last update to iOS 7 I tried to move things around and change it. I had lots of problems and thought I had lost my info. The app support was great! I retrieved all of my events and tasks, and it looks just the way I want it. And syncing between iPad and iPhone is a breeze. WebIS tech was very patient with me and got everything looking much better than it was. I love that your contacts are in the same app as your calendar. Works great!"


" I never realized how useful a good calendar and task organizer could be. This is by far my most useful app for work."  


"This is the best calendar. It has everything you need to keep your life straight."