Pocket Informant Online – The common thread that ties it all together.

PI_Online_Feature@2xA complete sync solution for Pocket Informant owners, created to be 100%, feature-for-feature compatible with the mobile applications.

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Pocket Informant Online consists of a sync service launched with the release of Pocket Informant 2.5 for iOS at an introductory price of just $15/year and a two week FREE trial period. Pocket Informant 3.0 and above for Android and 2.5 and above for iOS support the Online sync

Since PI Online was designed specifically for Pocket Informant, it syncs your data more completely than was ever possible with other sync services such as Google or Toodledo.  Switching to PI Online means you’ll finally be able to sync not only your calendars, events, & tasks, but also tags, smart groups, notes, voice notes, locations, settings, templates, and more between your iOS and Android devices *Use Pocket Informant Online to keep your iPad, iPhone and Android-based phone/tables completely in sync!

*Please keep in mind that the web interface is currently in beta form. While it works well most of the time, it is a beta release, so you may experience some glitches from time to time. Be assured that your data is there, and is secure; the sync service works flawlessly.*


Send emails to your PI Online Account and turn it into a task! More info available here.

*Pocket Informant Online Sync requires Pocket Informant 2.5 and above for iOS and Pocket Informant 3.0 and above for Android

*Note: If you are using Pocket Informant on a Kindle Fire, you will not be able to sync at all, even with Pocket Informant Online.  The Kindle Fire does not support Android Calendar Services, making this impossible. This is a limitation of the Kindle Fire device, and is therefore out of our hands. *

We take security of your data very seriously. Our servers are run on the Google App Engine service which ensure automatic scalability and security. All communication with the server is via SSL. Passwords are encrypted. The platform our servers run on have received SSAE-16 security certification which they have to recertify and audit yearly. All data is encrypted at the server. We have only a couple people in the company (CEO and a couple engineers) that can access user names and basic login info, the rest can only be accessed with your password.

Outlook Sync on Windows

Pocket Informant Online is an online service that depends on client applications to sync with. For Outlook we have partnered with Fieldston Software – makers of gSyncIt – to provide a world-class syncronization of Outlook to Pocket Informant Online. Currently gSyncIt syncs Notes and Tasks and Events.

Web Interface Beta

We are working on a web interface to eventually add to the Pocket Informant Online product. This web interface is not finished and is in beta. However you can login if you’d like and use it. This beta requires a paid subscription to the sync to use, but the web beta is not a part of the product at this time.

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